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What's The Cheapest Way To Ship My Car?

Open transport is the cheapest way to ship a car. An open carrier costs far less than an enclosed trailer for shipping enclosed is a premium service. Generally speaking, any vehicle in the main city will cost less than a vehicle that needs to be picked up hundreds of miles from a popular location.

How Much Should It Cost To Ship A Car?

The average price to ship a car across the country is usually over 1000 dollars. The higher the mileage usually results in a higher cost. Other variables are dependent on gas price, time of year, demand of route, type of vehicle, and difficulty of drop off and pick up locations.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car 1000 Miles?

A standard sedan or coupe car usually averages about 650-900 a transport. Many other factories come into play such as gas price, time of year, demand of route, type of vehicle, and difficulty of drop off and pick up locations.

Can I Put Stuff In My Car When I Ship It?

Route Runners Auto Transport’s drivers allow our customers to put up to 200 pounds of items in their vehicles with no extra charge. Items need to be neatly packed in the trunk or under the window. Many clients usually put clothes for example or some moving boxes in their cars.

Car shipping costs result in many factors when being able to provide you with the most accurate price quote. Our price quote calculator box on the top of our screen can get started by entering your zip codes to calculate a price. The biggest factor is the distance of your relocation, our calculator counts the mileage from your pick-up zip code to your destination.

On some specific routes, you can get the most for your money and the cheapest rate when you ship on a return load that is not common for that time of year. An example of this would be shipping to Florida from the northern states during the summertime would be able to get you the lowest rate possible during that time.

Getting the right price for car shipping is important, Unfortunately, when it comes to pricing many broker companies get it wrong and end up telling you it's more expensive to ship your car. That is why you should never go with the lowest price from a broker company. This result ends up costing you more money, delays in shipping, and the broker company being unable to find you a driver.

Vehicle Size Average Car Shipping Cost

For the cheapest rate, cars like a Honda Civics or a Toyota Prius that are small in size are the least expensive to ship. Larger vehicles take up more space on a transport truck and weigh more which then leaves the carrier with less cargo to take. This is why larger vehicles like Chevrolet Suburban and pickup trucks cost much more than smaller cars.

Average Car Shipping Price By Distance

Generally speaking the farther the driver has to travel to deliver your car the higher the average cost is to ship the car. Although the farther the distance traveled the lower the cost average per mile. For example, shorter distance moves cost more cents per mile than a 3,000-mile move.

The Car Shipping Cost Factors!

Car shipping costs have their market move just like the stock market and factors are listed below. Be sure to speak with a Route Runners representative to get your vehicle ready for transportation!

Distance The farther you go mileage-wise means more money on most routes.
Type of Service Expedited shipping and enclosed transport shipping cost more.
Gas Factor The higher the gas, the higher the cost. Lower gas prices result in cheaper shipping costs.
Season During the summer months is the peak season for car shipping so the result is higher cost because of higher demand. Wintertime is the cheapest to ship your car.
Vehicle Size Bigger trucks and SUVs result in more expensive shipping costs because of less cargo size and weight the carrier can bring.
Location Shipping to and from rural areas always costs more than major cities. If the driver has to travel further for just one vehicle they are going to want more money to do so for their time.
Popular Routes Popular routes during the time of year will cost more due to the higher demand for service.
Vehicle Condtion If your car is inoperable or not running a specific carrier who offers the service to transport will need a winch to do so. This service costs more money to ship the car.

Car Shipping Estimates

On average it costs 1,100 - 1,600 to ship a car coast to coast, this does include door to door service and all costs associated with a Route Runners car shipping quote.
For moves with less distance and not quite coast to coast states the price can range from anywhere from 500 - 1,100 to ship a car.
Mileage of short moves from 700 miles or less can be anywhere from 250 - 700 dollars to transport.
These are rough estimates to ship a car but give a general idea of the cost to ship your vehicles from a mileage perspective.

Cheapest Way To Ship Your Car - Information

When looking to find the cheapest rate one must enter the origin and destination and zip codes in our cheap quote calculator. The car’s make, model, and year. Whether or not it's in running condition, and whether it will be open or enclosed transport. Lastly, we need your date for the first available pickup. After you provide us this information on our website or by speaking with a Route Runner car shipping expert, we can then provide you with the cheapest price to transport your car.

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