Options While Moving Your Car to the New House with a Shipping Agent

Jan, 09, 2018 / admin

Moving to a new house is always exciting and the house owner makes the needed preparation to do the packing and moving. He has one important thing to do and that is to ship the car. This may not seem like such a big deal but one must do it well to ensure peace of mind.

Drive the car personally

Of course, the top option is to move the car by himself. But, when the distance is great one may not be able to put in the needed effort. If you cannot drive the car to the new house then you must choose a car transportation company to do the work for you. You must pay for the service and so you must choose someone who will not cost you that much.

To get the best agent for car shipping New York has, one must go through the list of shipping companies there are. This is a difficult process and takes time. Google the “car transportation agencies near me” and pick our three of four from the list. When the website opens, click on the load you want to transport. In this case, it is “car”. This will take you to a new page where you see a list of transportation companies listed.

Wait until the truck fills up

These transportation agencies will want a full-truckload of cars or household items. It depends on what they are moving that day. Comparing the load helps you choose the cheapest truck service from the entire list. This will save you plenty of money. Second, you don’t need to wait until the truck fills up. This will take two to three days. You will see written there on the load board as the approximate time of departure. If the driver has a truck that is half full, then he will wait for one day. If it is almost full, he will leave the same day.

Consider the waiting time

If, say, you don’t want to leave until say, Friday, then choose the truck that moves on Friday or Saturday. This helps you plan your travel schedule well. So, you see it is easy to make the car shipment in New York to any place by going online. The next thing one has to look at is the type of carrier they use. You have two options when it comes to choosing the carrier. The first is the open carrier where they use an open truck to transport your car. This is cheap but your car will remain open to the dust and grime during the transit.

The other option is the closed carrier where the truck remains covered from all sides. This option costs more but your car will arrive in pristine condition. You will not have to wash the car after you reach your destination. If the distance to the new house is not so great, then the open carrier option will remain the better option. This is because your car will not remain exposed to much dust. If the distance is great, then the covered carrier option is better. 



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They were very professional along the way as was the driver who checked in to arrange time of pick-up, and time of drop-off while on the road. We requested an enclosed truck, which was exactly what arrived at our home for our two vintage cars going from NV to TX. We had heard horror stories about companies who take your money and not deliver what you request, so we were extremely happy with Route Runners. Also know, Route Runners was very friendly over the phone and had answered all my questions in full detail. I would speak highly of to anybody I knew who need their car transported.

Route Runners was able to deliver a driver at a reasonable rate

I've used Route Runners Auto Transport to ship my car from CA to NC (and back). It was my first time dealing with car shipping and it went very smoothly working with Route Runners! They gave me a good price and also worked hard to honor the price while searching for carriers. They are easy to get a hold of by phone and always email confirmations. Will definitely be recommending this company to friends and family for their car shipment needs.

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I needed my 2006 335i BMW transported from New Jersey to Seattle. The booking process with Route Runners Auto Transport went very smoothly, and within 24 hours I had a pickup date for my vehicle. My vehicle was picked up on June 2 and delivered to my home in Seattle, WA on June 7 (within 5 days). The car was delivered in the same condition it was picked up, and all the cargo inside the vehicle was untouched and undamaged. Communication with the truck driver is easy, as you can text/call them anytime to check on the status of the delivery. I am very pleased with the ease of use and speedy delivery provided by Route Runners Auto Transport. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs their vehicle transported quick.

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All I know is I am very happy my car made it from Michigan to Florida in one piece and free of any scratches or dents. I called the driver for his status when he was in transit and was very nice to hear his updates. I was very worried at first since my car is a baby still (I've only had it a few months) so trusting my car in someone else's hands was scary!

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