How to Ship Cars Overseas Smoothly

Jul, 03, 2018 / admin

When you do a quick search online for overseas shipping of your car, you will find many takers for the shipping process. But before choosing a company to do this expensive and tough work, you need to educate yourself on the process of shipping and whether it will be worthwhile.

If you are shipping a vehicle to or from the US, the bulk of your overseas shipping will amount to international shipping. Also, if you are not located in a port city, you will also have to arrange transport of car to the port city.

In case, you own a car which is energy efficient and in top condition, you can drive the car to the port city. But if you are transporting a gas guzzler like an SUV, you must ship it to the port.

Take note that shipping rates can boom quickly for large vehicles like SUV’s. In case the same company offers shipping domestically as overseas, you can avail of discounts.

In case, you are importing a car from a foreign country; it is good to take the help of a professional like a broker to deal with bureaucratic hoops.   A broker is useful also when the car arrives at the port, waiting to be picked up.


Transporting by flight over the ocean may be attractive but not financially feasible. A car moving company New York will help with overseas transport by ship. There are two common methods to get your car safely and cheaply across the ocean.

Two main methods of overseas shipping of car are:

  • Roll on/ roll off (RORO)

Unlike most types of heavy freight, cars are designed to be moved without the huffing and puffing of humans or horses. The best way to load a car on a ship is via RORO. The car is driven onto the carrier just like parking on land and secured to the deck or cargo hold of the ship. Before shipping, you must inspect, service, and clean the car. Any extra items may be held by customs or damage your car.

  • Shipping containers

RORO is without doubt the simplest method to get a car onto a ship, but generally most ocean freight is not shipped while being exposed to the elements. In case you wish to avoid the impact of copious rain and high winds, you have an alternate choice- the common method to ship car overseas is by loading with a shipping container.

A container for shipping may be more expensive but will ensure safer and easier shipping of your car. In this, cheapest option will be a shared storage container, which shares space with other cars or cargo. But sometimes, you may have your own storage container.

Air Freight

In most cases, shipping a car by air will cost more than the value of a car. But it is an option you can consider if you are shipping a classic, exotic or antique car. Air transport is the safest and fastest mode of shipping and is suitable for those who can afford it.

Problem of Paper Work

Shipping of car overseas involves incredible amount of paper work. It is recommended to hire a customs broker to help you with the same.

These are some facts to consider while shipping your car overseas.



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