How to Ensure Smooth Shipping of Your Car

Jun, 05, 2018 /

Usually, when you wish to move a car from one place to other, all you need to do is to get behind the wheels and drive it to its new destination. But this is not suitable if you want to ship your car from one corner of the country to another or overseas.

The options for car shipping range from hiring a student to drive the car to shipping the car using a professional car transport company. Cost of transport depends on what kind of services you will use.

 Following are some options to ship your car:

Open Air Truck

One of the most preferred ways to ship your car is using a professional car transporter.  Majority of commercial car transporters put cars on an open-trailer just like ones used for new cars. You can request bids from carriers by entering your car details in online load boards or contact auto shippers in online directories. Usually, carriers will provide a window for time of delivery which ranges from 7 to 21 days.

While dealing with carriers, ensure that you ask detailed questions about how exactly your car will be transported. Most carriers will ship cars between major city hubs, loading and unloading the vehicles onto other trucks for making the transport routes more efficient. The costs can differ if you choose either door to door or terminal to terminal transport.

Enclosed Trucking

If you are worried about impact of weather on your car, you may better choose an enclosed truck. Though the cost is usually higher by 60%, it is worth the expense if it is a luxury car or you are transporting when the climate is unpleasant like middle of winter. You will enjoy peace of mind as regards any unexpected damage to your vehicle. Make sure your car transport is covered by adequate insurance.

Professional Driver

In case, you don’t mind putting extra miles to your vehicle, consider making use of a driver offered by a professional service. This is a great option for corporate vehicles and for transporting cars for shorter distances. Such companies permit you to ship your personal belongings like even cats or dogs.

Non-Professional Drivers

In case you need to ship your car and you don’t have sufficient money, try to hire a responsible student or someone you know personally. This is good during holiday season, when students are out to earn extra cash.

Choosing the Right Professional

When you do online search for a car shipping company, you will desire to rely on a reliable carrier or broker. Explore their websites thoroughly to understand what services they offer and a t what cost. The more information is available on their website, the more trustworthy is the company. Get 2 or 3 car shipping quotes, make a detailed comparison and take an informed decision.

Consult online sites like BBB (Better Business Bureau) to search for reviews on a particular company. For instance, the BBB will indicate whether a company features unresolved complaints. A company which has addressed issues successfully will enjoy a good reputation.

These are some methods to ensure smooth shipping of your car. By taking care of these points, you will avoid a load of headache.



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